What Do I Do When My EHIC Expires?

The European Health Insurance Card is one of the most indispensable tools or instruments you can have if you are the type of person who frequently goes abroad either for a holiday or a business meeting. This little card gives you the assurance that, should something go wrong while you are on vacation, as long as your primary intent for traveling to another country is not to seek medical treatment, you will be provided with high quality medical care from the institutions and organizations that are funded by that country’s national health insurance infrastructure. With the EHIC in your possession, you are guaranteed treatment in any public health institution in the same manner as the nationals of that country are entitled to such treatments. These countries include the member nations of both the European Free Trade Association and the larger European Union.

The EHIC is good for 3 to 5 years from the date that you first applied for it. It is very important to keep your EHIC up-to-date so you are guaranteed access to state-sponsored healthcare services in any of the countries of the EU and the EFTA. If you forgot to renew your EHIC just before you travel or you are already overseas when you realized that your EHIC is already expired, don’t fret because it is quite easy to simply renew your card. You can just renew your European Health Insurance Card online where it is faster, more efficient, and totally convenient for you.

In renewing your EHIC online, you must be ready with the information that was asked the first time you applied. Typically, you will be logging onto the EHIC website where you will be providing information about your old EHIC card number as well as your complete name and your complete address. You will also supply information about your national health insurance number. These are very important pieces of information as they can be compared with in the existing database.

Upon submission of your online renewal application and is approved, you can expect your new card within the next 5 business days. However, it is not uncommon that the time of application until the time of EHIC card delivery can take more than 5 days especially if you factor in peak season such as during the holidays or the summer. So, it is always best to stay fully aware of the expiration date of your EHIC. If you have 6 months left of EHIC coverage, it usually is a good idea to start renewing your card.

If you have already applied for renewal but have not received the card yet and you must now travel overseas, you can still go ahead with your travel plans. This is because you are now effectively covered by EHIC. The validity of the European Health Insurance Card is from the date of application until its expiration. If you get sick while traveling, you can also request for a Provisional Replacement Certificate which will be sent directly to the public health care institution or professional providing you the medical treatment.

If you need to update any information in your EHIC, you can simply do it online and use the Personal Identification Number that was provided to you when you first applied. If you already forgot your PIN, you can call the helpline of the EHIC agency. It is also possible for you to apply for EHIC amendments via the post. Just make sure you also send supporting documents.

Forgetting to renew your EHIC on time can be frustrating if you need to travel overseas now. While it is possible to renew it once you return, if you get sick while traveling, then you won’t have the protection afforded by your EHIC. You may be faced with huge amounts of healthcare bills to settle. That’s why, if your EHIC is already expired, renew it at once.

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