What Are The Steps To Renew My EHIC?

When traveling to Switzerland or any country of the European Economic Area, you will need the European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC, which effectively replaced the Form E111 that travelers used to bring with them before 2004. This piece of plastic is your key to accessing the healthcare services – medical and dental treatments as well as pharmaceutical services – provided by the governments of these states to their respective nationals. This simply means that even if you are not residing or a citizen in that particular country, as long as you are able to present your EHIC, you are entitled to receive the same level of care that everybody else receives. In a gist, you become a temporary resident of the country insofar as your healthcare needs are concerned. EHIC also provides coverage for the routine treatment of any pre-existing health condition as well as maternity care provided, however, you are not going to visit any particular country just to obtain treatment or to give birth.

It is therefore vital that you keep your EHIC fully updated so that you continue to enjoy the many benefits of this insurance system. EHIC is valid for 5 years and as such will have to be renewed as early as 6 months prior to its date of expiry. For example if your EHIC expires on the last month of 2017, then you can already start renewing your EHIC as early as June of 2017.

Renewing your EHIC is very easy. It is as simple as having applied for a new one. All you need to do is to supply the same information that you furnished the first time you applied. Do take note, however, that if there have been changes in the past 5 years that may have affected some of the details of your EHIC account, then you may need to amend these.

For example, you may have a change of residence in the past 5 years or maybe you have an additional member of the family that you would also like to be covered by the European Health Insurance program. In such cases, you can go online to the EHIC website and make the necessary corrections or amendments to your EHIC record. You will need to enter the Personal Identification Number or PIN that was given to you when you first applied for the EHIC. You need this PIN to make appropriate changes to your online EHIC records.

If somehow you have already forgotten your PIN, you can get in touch with the helpline of the EHIC agency and, upon furnishing them with verification information as to the ownership of the EHIC account, the changes can be effected.

Changing your address via the online method will not require your PIN if all other pertinent information remain unchanged. For example, if there’s no change in your national insurance number and in your dependents, then making EHIC amendments online will not require you to provide a PIN. You will not also need a PIN if you have already called the EHIC agency about the changes you want in your address.

You have to take note of the expiration dates of each EHIC cardholder in your family. This is especially true if each one individually applied for their EHIC. So, it is important to keep track of the 6-month rule – if the expiration date is already 6 months away, then the EHIC can already be renewed. This is crucial to help prevent any problems later on if these members of your family have to travel overseas. It is also this reason why it is best to apply for EHIC with your children as dependents.

Again, take note that EHIC is your key to quality state healthcare services of other countries. If your EHIC is already expired, then you lose this key and its many benefits. If you renewed your card but hasn’t arrived yet and you’re already abroad, then don’t worry as there are ways EHIC nations can verify your EHIC status.

MyEHIC can help you renew your EHIC in a very fast and efficient way. If there are amendments to your record, they can help, too. For all your EHIC needs, MyEHIC is the partner you can trust.