I Lost My European Health Insurance Card – What Should I Do?

It is important to keep your European Health Insurance Card in your possession all the time especially if you are visiting Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and the 28 member states of the European Union. There simply is not telling what might happen during any of these travels. You might fall ill, get sick, or even injure yourself in an accident, all of which will require necessary medical treatment. If you have a pre-existing or chronic medical condition that needs routine medical attention, then you simply must have your E111 successor, the EHIC, with you. If you or your spouse or partner is pregnant and she suffered premature labor contractions and is in danger of losing your baby, EHIC will cover you, too. The EHIC is such a very valuable document that all European members of the EFTA and the EU simply must safeguard at all times.

Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant and cautious you may be in your belongings, incidents do happen which can lead to your EHIC getting lost, either accidentally or on purpose (stolen). But you should not worry because having it replaced is as easy as applying for a new EHIC Card. If you lost your European Health Insurance card or was stolen, you need to get in touch with the agency or organization that provided or issued your EHIC. You can apply for an EHIC replacement or you can call MyEHIC so they will be the one to facilitate the replacement of your EHIC. Replacing your card is easy as you can now do it online, unlike the E111. Just furnish the same information that you have provided in your previous application or renewal including your full name, your date of birth, your registered residential address, and, of course, your Personal Identification Number. If you have already forgotten your PIN, you can still ask for a replacement by calling the helpline of your EHIC-providing agency.

Now, if you need medical assistance in the country you are visiting and you lost your EHIC, you need to ask your insurer so that they can send a Provisional Replacement Certificate directly to the public hospital or state physician that is providing you medical treatment. This certifies that you are a legitimate EHIC holder and as such are entitled to the same health benefits as any other citizen in the host country. Even if you don’t get sick or fall ill, it is very important to request for the Provisional Replacement Certificate while waiting for your replacement card. At the very least, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are adequately covered by state healthcare services.

Renewing your EHIC is also easy as you can do it online. With your internet-connected device, you can visit EHIC online and make the necessary renewal application there. Or, if you are like most individuals, you may be interested in securing the services of third party organizations like MyEHIC as they provide a variety of value-added services and not just merely applying for and renewing your EHIC and the EHIC of each member of your beloved family. If there are changes that need to be made in your EHIC, you can also ask MyEHIC to do it for you so you’ll feel more secure knowing that your EHIC is fully updated.

When you travel abroad, medical emergencies and accidents can happen. If your kids will also be going on a field trip abroad, you will feel much confident in the fact that your kid is guaranteed access to high quality public medical treatments and health care services so he or she can continue joining the rest of his or her class in their educational trip. If you have teenagers who would like to go on an overseas holiday with their peers, then EHIC will also provide them the same guarantees that EHIC provides to you.

Such is the importance of the European Health Insurance Card. It is thus, strongly recommended that you apply for each member of your household so that they, too will benefit from this unified health insurance system that is in effect in most countries in Europe. If you don’t have EHIC yet, you can contact MyEHIC so they can help you process your guarantee to a safer and healthier European travel.