How Long Typically Does My EHIC Last For?

When you travel to any country of the European Union or even the European Free Trade Association, you would really want to make sure that you are adequately protected for any eventuality. The European Health Insurance Card is the healthcare equivalent of your passport. This card gives you adequate 5-year coverage for the different medical treatments and therapeutic services that are funded or provided by the governments of all EHIC-participating countries. It guarantees access to overseas healthcare so that you can continue on your official business or holiday vacation in any of these countries without having to worry about expensive healthcare and medical costs. It is thus, very important that you maintain the validity of your Euro Health Card by keeping it up-to-date.

Your EHIC is good for 5 years from the time it is issued to you. Generally, this corresponds to your date of application. It is also generally recommended that you keep track of the validity of your EHIC so you get to enjoy all of its benefits. Renewing your EHIC card is not difficult because you can now do so online. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for its full expiration before you can renew it. You can initiate the renewal process as early as 6 months into the validity of the European Health Insurance Card. For example, if your card says that it will expire on June 2017, you can already renew it as early as January of 2017. This way, you will still have plenty of time to make adequate travel plans. Keep in mind, however, that the 6 months advanced period will not be carried over to your next EHIC period of validity. So, if you are going to renew your EHIC in January 2017 and it will be issued to you within 5 days of application, you can then expect your next expiration date to be sometime in January 2022. So, don’t expect that your expiration date will still be in June of 2022.

It is vital that you check the validity of your EHIC prior to traveling. If you only have a few months left, it’s better to renew it at once so that, should you go abroad in an instant, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are adequately protected in an emergency as your EHIC allows you access to the kind of medical assistance that you need.

Part of the renewal process is the updating of your insurance information. If there are no changes in the information in your EHIC, then renewal is a very straightforward process and can be easily completed online. However, if you need a change of address or add another dependent, then you may need to have your 6–digit personal identification number that was provided to you when you first applied for EHIC. The PIN is provided to allow you to activate the auto-renew feature of your EHIC as well as perform amendments to your record. If you can no longer recall your PIN, you can call a hotline number to have your EHIC details amended but only after a verification process.

The EHIC is free of charge if you apply directly to authorized agencies. There are also no handling or processing fees collected. However, these services may not be sufficient for you to keep track of either your application or even the expiration date of your EHIC. As such, MyEHIC provides value-added services that are guaranteed to make your life a lot easier especially in keeping you updated with your EHIC application and renewal as well as amendments to your records. For these services, there is a charge so you may want to contact MyEHIC first before availing of their services. The good thing about getting such services is that they do everything for you so you can keep on living your life as hassle-free as possible.

You can also apply for other individuals. If you have a child or are the guardian of one, you can apply for an EHIC for this particular child. You can also apply on behalf of your spouse or even the participants of a travel group. You will simply need all of their details to help facilitate the processing of their EHIC application.