Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Slovakia

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The other half of the Czech Republic in what was formerly known as Czechoslovakia, Slovakia today is fast establishing an identity of its own which is also distinct from its former partner and neighbour. Slovakia is widely famous for its natural landscapes, ski resorts, medieval castles, mountains and caves, folk architecture, spa resorts, and of course, its lush countryside that still exudes with that medieval charm. More than a quarter of its international visitors come from the neighbouring Czech Republic, perhaps rekindling the ties that once bonded these now two distinctly separate nations. Whether it is the Bojnice Castle that you’re after or the Spis Castle or any other historic royal fortifications in medieval Europe that you want to relish, you’d feel much more confident in traveling across Slovakia if you have a European Health Insurance Card.

The EHIC is a modern-day credit card-like document that effectively replaced, to the delight of a continent, the E111 way back in 2004. It paved the way for increased usage of the protective coverage afforded by the European Health Insurance system which aimed to unify the delivery of healthcare services among member nations and their respective residents or citizens. Just like the E111, the European Health Insurance Card allowed travelers to secure health services in the host country in cases or circumstances where they require immediate and necessary medical or health care assistance. This helped travelers to continue focusing on what they set out to do in the host country, be it to frolic in a holiday resort, attend an all-important business event, or even to simply visit someone close to one’s heart. The EHIC, as did the E111, guaranteed overseas healthcare to the holders of a valid EHIC.

Many travelers, tourists, and holiday vacationers today look at the EHIC as the key to keeping them sane while in a foreign land. This is understandable because foreigners seeking treatment are usually charged several times higher than the normal rate for a variety of medical and health care services. For example, if a resident of a particular country receives a certain treatment by paying a minimal fee of 1 EUR; a foreigner may have to pay 10 EUR for the same kind of treatment. Of course, this is pure exaggeration but the point is that, if there are no mechanisms like the EHIC, obtaining healthcare services in a foreign country is a very expensive undertaking.

With the EHIC, you get to pay what the residents of Slovakia are paying. Don’t worry so much about paying for these services as, under EHIC, you can confidently claim a refund later on. And if they receive the treatment for free, you can be sure you’d get the same treatment for free as well.

However, it is important to understand that, like the E111, this is only applicable to publicly funded treatments and health programs. You can only enjoy such benefits if you obtain such treatments from a state-recognized and certified healthcare facility or practitioner. Otherwise, you may see yourself worrying about high cost of medical care. So, if you consult with a private doctor, you may not enjoy these EHIC benefits.

If you require medical treatments from a Slovakian state hospital – called a “nemocnica” – you need to present your EHI Card. The same is true if you need emergency medical assistance. If you need your prescription medications, simply bring your prescription and your EHIC to a “lekaren” or a pharmacist. In all instances, you have to ask if the hospital, clinic, doctor, or pharmacist is duly recognized by the “stomatolog” or the public health insurance system of Slovakia.

Understand that the European Heath Insurance Card does have its limitations. It does not cover private treatments, unnecessary or non-urgent treatments, and auxiliary services such as air lift transportation, mountain rescue, and even medical or health-related repatriation. As such, EHIC should always be complemented by a comprehensive travel policy as well as an all-encompassing personal health policy.

Aside from your EHIC, you may also want to download the EHIC app on your mobile device. This literally puts the management of your EHIC right in your fingertips. It even includes helpful tips on how you can expedite the processing of your refund claims.

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