EU Health Card – Do You Need It?

The European Union is one of the world’s leading models of how different countries can come together, share their resources, and come up with different social service platforms that will benefit their respective citizens and residents. People from different countries of the EU can freely travel to other member nations and take part in the traditions, rich culture, gastronomic adventures, and other fascinating things that each EU country has to offer. And yes, even their renowned public health care system. So, if you intend to travel across the European Union to enjoy the many sights and wonders that each of these countries have in store, then you would also need an EU Health Card. This kind of travel document has been proven to be a very indispensable tool in ensuring that EU nationals get to enjoy their travels – be it official business or for fun and leisure.

The EU Health Card

The EU Health Card is also known as the European Health Insurance Card and it provides you the peace of mind you need when traveling to the different beautiful and scenic countries of the EU as well as other countries in Europe particularly those belonging to the European Free Trade Association. This card enables you to enjoy the same health benefits of the citizens or residents of these countries as if you were also a citizen of that country. This can have very significant implications in your travel plans as you may not really know what can happen that requires immediate and necessary medical assistance. The card ensures that the public health care institutions of that country will be able to provide you with treatments that are either free or at a much lower cost than if you didn’t have this kind of travel health card.

Countries that Accept the EU Health Card

If you are a citizen or a national of the 28-member European Union, then you can be sure that you can present and use your EU Health Card or EHIC when you visit any of the following countries. You will be entitled to the same level of care that the residents and nationals of these countries enjoy from their respective governments.

czech-flagCzech Republic
germany-flagFederal Republic of Germany
france-flagFrench Republic
luxembourg-flagGrand Duchy of Luxembourg
greece-flagHellenic Republic or Greece
italy-flagItalian Republic
belgium-flagKingdom of Belgium
denmark-flagKingdom of Denmark
norway-flagKingdom of Norway
spain-flagKingdom of Spain
portugal-flagPortuguese Republic
lichenstein-flagPrincipality of Liechtenstein
austria-flagRepublic of Austria
bulgaria-flagRepublic of Bulgaria
croatia-flagRepublic of Croatia
cyprus-flagRepublic of Cyprus
estonia-flagRepublic of Estonia
finland-flagRepublic of Finland
ireland-flagRepublic of Ireland
latvia-flagRepublic of Latvia
lithuania-flagRepublic of Lithuania
malta-flagRepublic of Malta
poland-flagRepublic of Poland
slovenia-flagRepublic of Slovenia
slovakia-flagSlovak Republic
switzerland-flagSwiss Confederation or Switzerland
netherlands-flagThe Netherland, formerly Holland

Why Get an EU Health Card?

Traveling can be a very fun and enjoyable activity. You get to see different places, learn a variety of cultures, participate in local activities that venerate traditions and cultures, or simply to relax and unwind. However, traveling can also be associated with health risks such as injuries sustained because of accidents as well as illnesses brought about by viruses and bacteria. If you were in your home country, seeking treatment for these conditions is relatively simple because your social security system already provides ample coverage for you at no cost or is readily affordable. Unfortunately, if you go to another country and you get sick or require emergency medical treatment for your accident-related injuries, you may have to face the prospect of paying for expensive medical and healthcare services because countries will have different rates for foreigners compared to their local residents.

If you have the EU Health Card you will be able to receive treatment for your illness or injury at no extra charge or for a minimal fee even if you are in another country that accepts the EHIC. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or may require routine maternity care, this is covered as well. In a gist, whenever you travel to countries listed above, you will need the EU Health Card or European Health Insurance Card so you will not have to worry about mounting healthcare bills if you do get sick during your stay in any of these countries.

How Do You Apply for the EU Health Card?

Applying for your EHIC or European Health Insurance Card is easy. You can apply directly to your health office or you can secure the services of MyEHIC. MyEHIC provides a variety of value-added services not found in the regular application channels. MyEHIC provides you online application of EHIC in various languages, application verification and status monitoring, and support for EHIC renewal as well as expiry notification. It also provides a 24/7 support hotline so you can request for assistance anytime of the day and any day of the week, even if you are already on a vacation in another country.

MyEHIC can provide hassle-free EU Card (EHIC) application so you can concentrate more on planning for your overseas travel. They make sure that your application has been double-checked and verified before it is submitted to relevant state agencies. Once your application has been approved, MyEHIC will send you a notification so you know when you can expect to receive your EHI Card which is typically within 5 to 10 business days, depending on the work load of the EHIC processors.

MyEHIC can also help you with the renewal of your card. If you still have the E111 this can be replaced with the EHIC. The application process for EHIC has been simplified and MyEHIC has made it even simpler and hassle-free so you can just sit back and just let MyEHIC do their job.

The EU Health Card, now EHIC, is your ticket to carefree traveling across a great majority of Europe. Let MyEHIC be your partner in obtaining your EHIC. And if you already have this card, you can feel safe that MyEHIC will notify you if it’s already time to renew your card which MyEHIC can also facilitate for you.