Apply For Child (Under 16) – EHIC Application

If your child is below 16 years old, you need to apply for their own EHIC, every single one of them. This is one of the major features of the EHIC compared to its predecessor, the E111. Whereas the E111 only allowed one member of the household to have a copy of the European health insurance for the whole family, the EHIC assures that every individual in your household or family has his or her EHI Card.

Applying for your child’s EHIC is simple and very easy. You can apply for them together with your own EHIC application. There are several ways in which you can apply for your EHIC although the most convenient, fastest, and most efficient way is the online method. MyEHIC provides such services as well as other value-added features to make EHIC applications a breeze.

When you apply online for your child’s or children’s EHICs, you simply go online and furnish all the necessary information required in the electronic form. This will include your name, your address, your date of birth, and your national insurance number. Additionally, you will also need to supply the needed information on every child you want to apply for EHIC including their name and their dates of birth.

If you avail of MyEHIC’s online services, they can instantly check and verify the completeness of your application. You will be prompted of any discrepancy so you can make the necessary corrections right there and then. Once all the information have been verified, this is electronically sent for processing so you and your children can relax and wait for your EHICs to arrive in 5 days. Should there be issues in your application, MyEHIC will notify you as well as they continuously monitor the progress of your application.

You can also apply for EHIC in behalf of a child even though he or she is unrelated to you. However, it is imperative that you seek the permission of the child’s parents first before applying. If you are a teacher at a boarding school, you can also apply for the individual EHIC of each of the children in the institution especially if you will be traveling to any of the EU and EFTA countries real soon. Again, permission from the parents of each of the children is required. If you are the legal guardian of a child aged below 16 years of age, you can still apply for this child as if he or she was your child. You will have to specify in the online application form that you are the guardian, not the parent, of the child you’re applying EHIC for.

If you have to renew your EHIC or the EHIC of your children, you can also use MyEHIC’s online services. You will need the EHIC personal identification number or PIN that was given to you when you first applied. If you cannot recall your PIN anymore, you can just contact MyEHIC’s 24/7 hotline so they can assist you in renewing your EHIC as well as that of your dependents. Know that you can renew your EHIC even if you still have 6 months left in its validity which is a period of 5 years from the date of issuance of your card.

The European Health Insurance Card is vital to any European traveler to the EFTA and EU nations. This is especially true for kids as they are most vulnerable to changes in weather, accidents, injuries, and viral infections. Protect them now with their own EHIC.

Going on a European holiday with your family can be one of the most exciting things especially for your children. They get to learn a lot of the beautiful things that make up this great continent. They get to frolic in the beaches that line the countries of the Mediterranean, learn to ski in snow-capped mountains and ski resorts, try out the cuisines of different nations, explore the rich history and European legacy of monarchies, and a whole lot more. Consider your children’s European tour as a hands-on learning experience they will never forget. Unfortunately, accidents or even medical emergencies can happen anytime especially if your child is not used to the environment or the culture of a visited country. As such, you need to protect them with the European Health Insurance Card.

This card, small as it may seem, is your child’s ticket to the different medical, dental, and other health care services that is provided by the governments of the European Union countries as well as the European Free Trade Association states. These services are publicly-funded and are an ongoing cooperation between and among these countries.