How Do I Get EHIC Card For My Child?

In 2004, the European Health Insurance Card officially replaced the easily-mutilated E111 Form which provided healthcare coverage for Europeans traveling to member states of the European Union as well as the European Free Trade Association. The EHIC, as the European Health Insurance Card, is colloquially called, provides the same benefits but with the added advantage of providing a dedicated EHI Card for Dad, Mom, the kids, and anybody else in the family. Before, in the E111, each family had only one copy to cover every member. This can be very frustrating especially if your kids or spouse will be traveling overseas and they have to carry the E111. It is equally frustrating when you go abroad as a family and other members will be going somewhere else and something happens to them. They will not be able to obtain free or reduced-price public health services because they don’t have the E111.

With the EHIC, each individual in your family will have his or her own European Health Insurance Card as long as you are able to apply for them.

If this is your first time to apply for an EHIC card, you can already provide relevant information on your application so that your children will be considered as your dependents. Generally, any child below the age of 16 years of age should be applied for by their parents or legal guardians. So, if you apply for your EHIC, you can add your children as your dependents rather than applying separate EHIC for them. If your concern is that they will not receive their own EHI Card, don’t worry because all of your dependents, including your spouse, will be provided with their own EHIC. For example, if there are 5 in your household and you want everyone to be covered by EHIC, then you just have to write each member’s personal information in your individual EHIC application. Once your application has been processed and duly approved, you will receive 5 EHI Cards, one for each member, within 5 business days. It is that simple.

Now, if you have already an EHIC and you would like to amend your EHIC details, you can simply make the necessary changes online. Just visit the EHIC website, enter your PIN, and make the necessary amendments. This is especially true if, within 5 years of your date of application, you had another child so you would also like this child to be covered by the EHIC.

When you apply for an EHIC, you must be at least 16 years old. Anybody who is below this age can still be applied for by their respective parents as well as legal guardians. Other individuals can also apply for an EHIC for a child provided that they first seek permission from the child’s parents or guardians before they can apply for the child’s EHIC. These “other” individuals can include the teaching staff at duly licensed boarding schools.

Applying for the EHIC of a child is pretty straightforward. You just have to furnish the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete address
  • Your national insurance number
  • Name or names of child or children you are applying for
  • Date or dates of birth of the child or children you are applying for

Making sure that your child has his or her own EHIC can be very beneficial especially if they are going to go on overseas educational field trips or even educational tours in countries that accept the EHIC. At least you will have peace of mind that they will receive high quality health care services if they do fall ill or meet an accident while traveling to these countries.

If this is confusing to you, you can logon to the website of MyEHIC to facilitate the application of EHIC for your child. In fact, a lot of individuals prefer availing the services of MyEHIC to help them apply for their children’s EHIC as well as for any other EHIC-related concerns. It’s fast, efficient, and truly reliable.