Is it Possible for Me to Still Use My Old E111 Form?

It would simply be disastrous to travel abroad without any assurances that you can get high quality and affordable health care should there be a need for it. Europeans before 2004 always carried with them a document – the E111 – which they used to present to healthcare professionals and institutions in the visited country so they can avail of that country’s public medical treatments and procedures. Unfortunately, there were a lot of issues way back then such as the A4-sized document being impractical and virtually unusable because it can get easily mutilated or torn. This is the reason why it has been effectively replaced by the European Health Insurance Card which was rolled out in 2004 and finally completed by 2006. This means that you should not have anymore your E111 as this has already been completely phased out since 2006. The EHIC is now the way to go and has also effectively replaced the European Health Insurance form E111 designed for truckers or haulers and the Form E128 which was intended for foreign workers and students. Technically, it can be said that the EHIC has replaced 3 forms – the E111, the E110, and the E128.

If you are concerned that it is now too late to apply for the EHIC since it has already been more than 10 years since the phase-out of E111, don’t worry because you can still apply. As long as you are a resident or a national of any of the states that make up the European Union or even a citizen of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Iceland, you can apply for an EHIC and be able to enjoy the many benefits that you once enjoyed with the E111 but with many additional advantages. This includes an individual-based card system which was unlike the E111 where a single document already covered the entire family. In the EHIC, every single person in your family, as long as you apply EHIC for them, will receive their own EHI Card. Another advantage is that the EHIC is like a credit card that will not get torn or even be easily damaged. There’s no need to fold it several times to fit in your wallet. Thus, it is more convenient and definitely handier.

If you are worrying that if you apply for EHIC now and you need to travel overseas in a few days, then you might not get the protection that you require. This is not necessarily so. One good thing about applying for EHIC is that you are already covered or protected once your application has been approved even though you have yet to receive your card. You can still proceed with your overseas travel plans and be safe in the knowledge that, if you will be in need of necessary medical care, you are protected. You simply inform your overseas healthcare representative so they can prepare a Provisional Replacement Certificate and send this directly to the healthcare facility that you are receiving medical attention. This way, you won’t have to worry about being charged with prohibitive healthcare costs. At the very least, you will be paying a very minimal amount depending on the treatment that you receive and the policy of the state that is providing your care. This can then be reimbursed. Otherwise, it is free.

Like the E111, the EHIC assures you uninterrupted and hassle-free travel which can be cut short if you fall ill or meet an accident. With the EHIC, even if you fall ill, you don’t have to worry about expensive medical treatments because you are covered. This also covers routine treatments for chronic diseases, preexisting medical conditions, and even obstetric emergencies. If you require oxygen and dialysis therapies while you’re on a holiday, your insurer can also coordinate with the healthcare providers in your host country so there is continuity of your care. Just make sure you don’t travel specifically to seek treatment otherwise your EHIC will not cover you.

If you still have your E111 form, know that this has already been replaced by EHIC. If you want to apply for an EHIC, you can call MyEHIC so they can assist you and provide you with all the necessary information you will ever need.