Can I Renew My EHIC Even Though I have Lost My PIN?

Traveling to Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Iceland or any country that is a member the European Union will be a lot more convenient and hassle-free if you always make sure to bring with you your EHIC, short for European Health Insurance Card, all the time. This card, small as it may seem and with an effective validity of 5 years, is your passport to quality health care services that are provided by the governments of these countries. As such, it is very important to keep it valid and up-to-date. This simply means that you have to make the necessary amendments to it as needed. For this you will need your Personal Identification Number.

Your PIN is composed of 6 digits that is either printed or embossed in your EHIC Card. It is usually printed right after the printed date of birth. In some countries like the UK, it is usually preceded by a country identifier while in other countries, the PIN is not printed in the EHIC Card. This simply means that you will have to memorize your PIN by heart or perhaps encode it in some data management software which you can retrieve at a later time. There are also instances when you misplace and can no longer recall where you placed your EHIC. In some cases, you can also misplace or have already forgotten about your PIN.

Remember that your PIN is often needed if you need to make significant changes in your EHIC data. This is not to say that you can no longer make the updates or even apply for a renewal. Without your PIN, updating or even renewing your EHIC may require a significant effort on your part. Your PIN is what helps keep the process simple, efficient, and convenient. So, technically, you can still renew your EHIC even without your PIN.

With MyEHIC’s superb EHIC application process, you can now renew your EHIC even if you have already lost, forgotten, or misplaced your PIN. You just have to give MyEHIC a call so they can facilitate the renewal of your card. This often includes supplying them with the same information that you already have in your existing EHIC or the very same information you supplied when you were still applying for your very first EHIC. It includes your complete name, your complete home or residential address, and your state insurance identification number.

If you decide to make amendments to your EHIC records, you can also contact MyEHIC so they can properly advise you on the proper action to take, especially if you can no longer recover or even remember your PIN. For example, if you want to update your home address because you recently moved to another part of the country, then you will need to make the necessary changes in your EHIC. Just imagine the implications of not updating the address in your EHIC. If you go abroad and use the card for your incidental healthcare needs, you may be compelled to claim reimbursements later on. If your address is not updated, then there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to receive your reimbursement.

Likewise, if you recently changed your name, you will have to update your EHIC records, too. The same is true if you are going to make additions to the number of your dependents, especially children below the age of 16 years. Just like making amendments to your address, these situations are best managed if you get in touch with MyEHIC so they can provide you with the best possible solution. Again, this is especially true if you have already lost your PIN.

Renewing your EHIC is just like applying for a brand new one as you will be using the same information as in the initial application. This is also the perfect time to make the necessary changes to your record so you will not have any problems in the future.

If you still have about 6 months left from your 5-year EHIC validity, you can already start applying for its renewal. Take note however, that the excess length of time won’t be carried over to your next card.

Your EHIC is an important instrument to enjoy hassle-free travels. Let MyEHIC be your partner in making sure your EHIC is kept valid and fully updated.