Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In The Netherlands

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Formerly called Holland, the Netherlands ranks 7th in the world when it comes to having the happiest people. While more than a quarter of the country lies lower than the sea level, they don’t let the threats of inundation worry them. They know that their government as well as those in the private sector can work harmoniously together to bring about more peaceful and happier existence. The Dutch often find meaning even in mundane things. The Dutch quality of life is one of the best and highest in the globe and is often taken as a benchmark for other countries’ efforts to improve their own way of doing things. This is why more than 14 million people visit the country each year to experience Amsterdam’s famous canals, historical museums, shopping districts, and magnificent palaces. For the more adventurous, De Wallen might offer an entirely unique experiences. Other key cities like The Hague, Utrecht, and Rotterdam provide additional attractions of their own. Simply, traveling to the Netherlands is like traveling back in time. Just make sure that your European Health Insurance Card is always in your possession when traveling to these places as it can really save you from very costly healthcare services.

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European Union and as such is one of the first adoptees of the European Health Insurance Card, otherwise known as EHIC. This card is a must-have for the residents or nationals of the EU as well as the nations that comprise the EFTA which includes Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

What the EHIC does is that it provides to EHIC-holders access to the healthcare infrastructure that is duly-funded or managed by the governments of these countries. So, if you are from the UK and you would like to visit the Netherlands, you are entitled to free or affordable care just like what the Dutch receive from their government. This is needed if you require treatment for an illness or an injury that you had while on a travel to the many interesting sites and tourist attractions of the Netherlands or any of these countries. You can visit any government hospital or healthcare provider and show them your EHIC. They will then evaluate your condition and try to determine if it requires urgent or necessary treatment or not. If the government physician deems your condition to be non-urgent, yet you decide to get treatment, don’t expect EHIC to cover any expenses incurred. As such, it is advisable to complement your EHIC with a travel or personal insurance for health. EHIC only covers essential treatments provided by institutions recognized and funded by the state of the Netherlands.

Individuals who are presently living or residing in the Netherlands but are nationals of another country, their EHIC application will be determined by their residency status. If you are already a Dutch citizen, then you can readily apply as any Dutch resident would. If, however, your residency status in the Netherlands is only temporary, meaning you are only visiting, then you may need to apply for your EHIC right in your country of origin or your home country. You can do this by calling your national health office that handles EHIC applications.

Know, however, that it often is complicated to apply using this method. A much better and more efficient method is doing it online with MyEHIC. They provide a variety of value-added services to help you get approved and receive your EHIC in the fastest time possible, usually within 5 working days. Your card is effective for 5 years although if you apply in the Netherlands, the validity is only 2 years. Nevertheless, within its validity period, you are assured of low-cost, if not free, healthcare services from the governments of EHIC participating nations. This means you have to receive treatment only from licensed and recognized public institutions in order for you to be covered. If you require routine maternity care or even routine treatments for pre-existing medical conditions, EHIC can cover you, too provided you obtain these from public institutions.

Visiting the Netherlands can be an adventure in itself. Just don’t leave your home country without your European Health Insurance Card.

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