Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Portugal

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Every single year, more than 7 million international tourists flock to Portugal in search of the finest beaches, historic landmarks, and stunning landscapes in this part of the world. Portugal boasts of excellent cultural heritage, superb city breaks, outstanding nautical tourism, delectable gastronomy, and spectacular business traveling. If you are on a mission to partake in any of these, don’t forget to apply for your European Health Insurance Card, previously known as the E111. This is your passport to the country’s renowned health care services funded by the Servico Nacional de Saude which you can obtain for free or for a very minimal fee. At least, you get to enjoy the many wonders of Portugal with less worry about incidental medical expenses which can readily translate to thousands of dollars, euros, or pounds if you don’t have an EHIC.

The healthcare system of Portugal is similar to the health infrastructure observed by other democratic states in the world. It is composed of both the public and the private health sector. The public health care system is fully funded and covered by Portugal’s national health service which takes care of the state-run hospitals and local health centers. Portuguese residents can obtain free treatments for certain diseases of conditions that have been classified as such by the SNS. Otherwise, they will have to pay a certain amount which is taken as a patient contribution to help fund the SNS.

By the same token, if you have your EHIC, you will be enjoying these very same benefits and privileges enjoyed by Portuguese citizens. You get to receive medical care for certain diseases or illnesses that you may have while you are enjoying your stay in the country. In some cases, the treatments may not be free at all but this should not be a cause of concern because whatever you are going to pay is exactly what every Portuguese national have to pay as well as their participation in the country’s national health system.

When using the healthcare infrastructure of Portugal, it is important to take not that not everything is free. For example, if you require medical treatment from a general practitioner who is duly recognized and certified by the Servico Nacional de Saude, then you may find that it is generally free of charge. However, if you seek diagnostic examinations such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other tests, you may be charged a fee for it. Likewise, availing of Portuguese accident services and emergency medical services may also net you a certain fee which you may need to pay upfront. Again, this should not really be a cause of concern because you can reimburse these expenses under the EHIC scheme. Furthermore, the fees are substantially lower than if you didn’t have an EHIC.

If you seek dental treatments, make sure to get it from a state-practicing dentist. This is to make sure that you are covered by the E111 successor, EHIC. Unfortunately, majority of Portuguese dentists have private clinical practice making them ineligible to provide EHIC-covered treatments.

If you need to take your prescription medications, make sure to secure a valid prescription from a Portuguese GP. Together with your EHIC, present this is a green cross-labeled pharmacy and ask if it is funded by the Servico Nacional de Saude. If yes, this guarantees a subsidy of around 15 percent to 90 percent. The rate of subsidy is dependent on the use of the medication. More commonly used medications enjoy higher subsidies while rare or specialty medications are provided with lower subsidies. If you are concerned about your medications, you may bring your own medicines especially if you have a preexisting health condition. Just make sure you have the correct and necessary paperwork to help clarify the purpose of your medications. If you bring your own prescription medications, it is also advisable to seek a Portuguese GP to translate your medication order into Portuguese so that authorities will know what these are for.

You need to complement the EHIC with a travel or even a comprehensive health policy of your own. This is because there are certain things the EHIC cannot cover such as treatments obtained from private entities as well as treatments that are deemed not urgent. Repatriation costs are also not covered by EHIC.

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