Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Hungary

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European nationals, particularly those from Switzerland and countries that are members of the European Economic Area, can maximize their European holidays by having with them one of the most important travel documents they can ever have – EHIC or the European Health Insurance Card – the more sophisticated replacement of the now-defunct E111.  This small yet very beneficial card is more than just a card that you put in your wallet. In case of a medical emergency or when you really need prompt health care or medical treatment, this card can give you the treatment that you need wherever you may be in Switzerland or the countries that belong to the European Economic Area, including access to healthcare in Hungary.

Hungary is the world’s thirteenth most visited nation with a great majority of tourists coming from other EEA countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. Other nationalities such as Americans also frequently visit Hungary primarily for the Buda Castle in Budapest but mostly for their world-renowned thermal springs. Hungarian spa culture is one of the best reasons to visit this nation. And if you are done relaxing at the famed spas of Hungary you can always go the countryside for a different take on Hungarian hospitality.

It is essential to always bring with you your European Health Insurance Card for the simple reason that accidents and untoward incidents can happen anytime to anyone. Even the most prepared tourist can get sidetracked every now and then. And when it comes to being sidelined by your health condition, then your holiday vacation might as well end up for naught.

This is the reason why you need EHIC as it guarantees you access to the public health care system of the EEA member country you are visiting. This means that whatever kind of care the citizens or nationals of that particular country are entitled to, you are also guaranteed the same entitlements. For example, if the nationals of a particular country are entitled to free treatment of a particular disease or health condition, then you can expect that if you have the same disease of health condition while on a holiday in this particular country you will also receive free treatment. In like manner, if the citizens have to pay a certain amount for a particular service, then you are also expected to pay the same amount to avail of the same service.

The European Health Insurance system is a government-to-government agreement that has been enforced by the signing of the European Economic Area accords, for which Hungary is a member. And while Switzerland is not a member of the EEA, it has nonetheless, a great number of bilateral agreements with individuals EEA member states. In other words, Swiss nationals are entitled to the same benefits as a British national would if they visit any of the EEA member countries.

It is important to understand that EHIC, having replaced the E111, only covers services provided by institutions or professionals that are duly funded or covered by the national health insurance system of that particular country. This typically means those in the public health sector. If you seek medical assistance from a private practitioner there is a strong likelihood that your EHIC might not provide you coverage. In these instances, you will need your very own private health insurance.

It is also critical to recognize that not all public health care services can be provided absolutely free of charge. In some cases, you will have to pay for these treatments and care. The good thing with EHIC is that it simplifies the whole process of seeking reimbursements for the healthcare expenses incurred while on a holiday in the host country. So, you may by shouldering the costs, initially, but because of an existing agreement among nations, the processing of reimbursements have been made a lot more efficient.

To help you get the most out of your holiday vacation in Hungary, it is important to apply for your EHIC while you are still in the process of planning your trip. Even if you eventually don’t get to visit Hungary but are fortunate enough to take a holiday in another EEA country or even Switzerland, then you can still use your EHIC.

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