Applying For The European
Health Insurance (EHIC) In Romania

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If you want to explore Romania’s famed churches of Moldavia, the historic center of Sighosoara, the sublime monastery of Horezu, or the Dacian fortresses that stand guard on Orastie Mountains, it’s always better to do so with the European Health Insurance Card safely tucked in your wallet wherever you go. This small card is what provides you unrivaled access to the public healthcare system of Romania. This is provided so you can continue exploring the many unique places and landmarks of this land-locked country and participating in its numerous festivals and tourist activities without having to worry about prohibitive healthcare costs should you fall ill, of course. This way, you don’t have to cancel everything so you can receive your treatment in your own country. You can receive it right in Romania.

In fact, the European Health Insurance Card, which replaced the E111 Form in 2004, is not only accepted and recognised in Romania. It is also recognised and accepted in 31 other countries in Europe. As long as you are a resident or a national of an EU nation or even an EFTA country and you are going to visit any of these EHIC participating countries, then you are essentially covered for any healthcare treatments or procedures you may require. This is as long as your health condition occurred while you are in the host country and that you did not purposely traveled to that country just so you can take advantage of their healthcare treatments such as what happens in medical tourism. This is also true for women who may wish to enter Romania, or any other EHIC-participating nation, just so she can give birth. This situation is also not allowed under the EHIC scheme.

It is also important that your condition really warrants necessary treatment. If doctors assess and determine that your medical condition can be treated at a much later time or date, then you may not be able to apply EHIC coverage. If you choose to still obtain the healthcare service or treatment despite information that it won’t be covered by EHIC, then you will be charged for it just like any other non-Romanian citizen or resident.

Similarly, if you sought treatment or any other health-related service from an institution, clinic, hospital, or a doctor who is not classified as belonging to the public health care system of Romania, then you may have to pay for your treatment yourself because this is not under EHIC coverage. Generally, if the healthcare provider asks you to pay upfront and at an exceedingly higher price than usual, there is a very strong likelihood that you are receiving treatment from a private entity.

In all of these situations, you will need to beef up your European Health Insurance Card, the former E111, with a travel insurance or even a personal or private health policy to help protect you against prohibitive costs that are not covered by the European Health Insurance system. You will also need travel insurance to help defray costs related to your repatriation in case you would like to go home and continue your treatment in your very own country. Your travel insurance can also take care of other incidental expenses such as those related to mountain rescues as well as air lift services.

Before you travel to Romania, it is best to secure your European Health Insurance Card first. Applying is very easy as everything today can be done online. Additionally, there are now EHIC applications that can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone. The good thing about these apps is that they provide multilingual features so that, even if you are not a native English speaker, you can easily understand just how simple and easy it is to apply. These apps also contain pertinent information about every country in the continent including emergency numbers as well as the things you need to do or accomplish if you want to claim a refund.

Wherever you go in Romania make sure to bring your EHIC together with your passport or any other valid identification card with your picture. This is because the EHIC doesn’t have the cardholder’s picture. As a matter of verifying the ownership of the card, healthcare providers will ask for an identification card to establish your identity as the owner of the EHIC.

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