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Many of the tourists going to Slovenia are fascinated by its diverse landscape bounded in the northeast by the Pannonian, in the northwest by the Alps, in the southeast by the Dinaric, and in the southwest by the blue and warm waters of the Mediterranean. Each of these regions in Slovenia has its own distinct natural, cultural, architectural, and geographic features that have served as the country’s natural magnet for tourists. To fully enjoy these wonders, it is essential that you are covered against any eventuality. A travel insurance as well as an individual health care policy will definitely come in handy. However, you will also need the best public health protection that can only be afforded by the European Health Insurance Card.

You can just think of it this way. If you require public health services, use the EHIC. If you need private medical treatments, get a health policy of the individual type. For all other incidental expenses such as flight delays, mountain rescues, and lost or stolen luggage, a travel insurance will cover the bill. Unfortunately, there exists no current solution that combines all three features. As such, it is imperative that when you do travel overseas, be it in Slovenia or in the other states of the European Union including Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, collectively referred to as the European Free Trade Association, you have a European Health Insurance Card, the futuristic and ultra-functional replacement of the E111.

This E111 replacement certifies that the cardholder is eligible to receive healthcare services as well as medical treatments at significantly reduced rates if not totally free. This also guarantees that the EHIC holder should receive treatment immediately as it reduces the red tape that is usually wrought in many public institutions especially in the verification and establishment of a patient’s identity. This is crucial especially if you are seeking treatment for a medical emergency where prompt and decisive management is very important. If you meet an accident and injure yourself, your EHIC can be viewed as your pass to fast, reliable, and high quality treatments and at a very affordable price, if not free. If you require routine treatments for a chronic condition, your EHIC can help secure this, too. If you are pregnant and you require routine fetal monitoring or even emergency labor and delivery, EHIC can also give you the peace of mind that the cost of healthcare services won’t add to your stress.

However, it is critical that you visit Slovenia or any of the countries stated herein not with the intention of seeking treatment for conditions that are deemed cosmetic in nature or even to enter and give birth. Understand that treatments provided in medical tourism are essentially provided by members of the private health sector. As such, if you go to Slovenia just to seek treatment, you’d be surprised that EHIC doesn’t cover this. This is where your personal health policy will take effect.

Obtaining or securing a European Health Insurance Card had never been easier or simpler. Unlike the E111, obtaining an EHIC Card can be accomplished online. It is faster, more efficient, and definitely more convenient for you. For example, when you subscribe to MyEHIC’s services, they will be the ones to make sure your application is completely filled up and that all entries are valid and in accordance with existing EHIC application guidelines. Unfortunately, this is not often the case with the usual EHIC application channel via mail as it usually takes up to 4 weeks for you to receive your EHI Card. This can also be further extended if one of your details is missing or is illegible. It can translate to unnecessary delays which can also affect your travel plans. Additionally, this can be a great source of stress. That is why it is better to obtain your EHIC via the online method.

Unlike the E111, the EHIC is carried by each person in the family. This means that each of your family member has the same right as you and the residents of the country you are visiting to receive publicly-funded health care and medical treatments. So, if you decide to go to Ljubljana and your partner goes to Piran while your kids will want to go to Styria, if something goes wrong with any one of them, they have access to healthcare wherever they are.

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