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Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Norway

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If you intend to visit Norway’s famous Holmenkollbakken and Ski Museum, Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, Hunderfossen Familiepark, the Voringsfossen Falls, the Geirangerfjorden Fjord, the Briksdalsbreen glacier, or even the heritage fortress of Fredrikstad, make sure you have in your personal packet your European Health Insurance Card. Norway may not have much glitz and glam to offer jet-setting tourists but it has some of the planet’s best ski resorts, heritage sites, and natural geologic formations like fjords, glaciers, and waterfalls for the whole world to enjoy. In fact, Norway is a favorite destination of nature-trippers and admirers of Mother Nature in her full radiance. To really enjoy these travels free from hassles and the worry about health care when needed, an EHIC must be applied for before traveling to Norway.

The European Health Insurance Card is not only valid in Norway; it is also accepted in 31 other countries that make up the European Free Trade Association and the larger European Union. Norway is a member of the former while it is also a member of the European Economic Area. These regional groups of nations in Europe are signatory to the provisions of the European Health Insurance system that was designed in 2004 to replace the then-inept and already aging E111. It allows the citizens of residents of these countries, should they decide to travel to other member nations, to receive the best state-managed healthcare services in these countries in the event that they get sick or are injured. At least, you don’t have to rush back home to get treatment. You simply have to go to the nearest Norwegian public health facility, present your EHIC, and receive treatment. And with a healthcare system that is ranked number 11 in the world, you’re guaranteed only the best health care services in Norway.

Because of its high ranking in the world stage you can expect the cost of healthcare to be expensive in Norway. This is where EHIC can help you. It gives you access to many Norwegian public hospitals as well as healthcare institutions, clinics, and GP surgeries. Depending on the treatment that you seek, it may be provided absolutely free or you may be charged a nominal amount which is automatically added to the nation’s state insurance system. Additionally, your expenses can be reimbursed provided you secure all the necessary documents such as receipts and medical certificates including medication prescriptions. That is why you need your EHIC whenever you travel.

If you require medications for your pre-existing health condition, you need to visit a government-certified physician to issue you a prescription. You can then present this prescription together with your EHIC to any of the state-managed pharmacies. There should be at least one in each of Norway’s districts. Prescription medications in Norway’s pharmacies are classified into 2 categories – common and specialty medications. Common medications are those drugs that are frequently prescribed to common diseases and illnesses. You will be charged a minimal fee for these medications. Specialty medications are those drugs that are not usually prescribed. These medications are quite expensive. It is always best to ask first the pharmacist if your prescribed medication is common or specialty.

In case you need a medical emergency, you have to dial 113. If its police assistance that you require, 112 is the number to call. Understand, too, that 9 out of 10 Norwegians can speak English. But, to be on the safe side, you need to bring a phrasebook especially on medical and healthcare terminologies so you can communicate your symptoms or clinical complaints a lot better.

Many travelers often ask about the need for a travel insurance even if they already have EHIC. Your EHIC only covers necessary treatments from public institutions. If your condition does not require urgent treatment, you may need to shoulder the expenses. And it can get really high in Norway. As such, it is always advisable to apply for a separate personal health or travel insurance. This is especially true if you meet an accident in a ski resort and may require mountain rescue. EHIC won’t cover this so it’s ideal to complement it with a travel insurance.

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