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Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Luxembourg

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Making up a part of the Benelux, Luxembourg is a rather small country but with superb business and economic standing. In fact it is the world’s second best when it comes to gross domestic product with the purchasing power parity already taken into consideration. It is bested only by Qatar in this respect. Aside from its status in global economy, Luxembourg also boasts of historic medieval castles like the Vianden, fantastic wine valleys especially those in the valleys of Moselle, and superb outdoor adventure sports and recreation such as the mountainous district of Oesling in the Ardennes.

Tourists flock Luxembourg because of these. And if you are planning to go there as well with your family or even your friends, then you need to secure your European Health Insurance Card, formerly the E111, now. This gives you access to the well-renowned and truly world-class healthcare services of Luxembourg which is generally public funded. It has one of the most efficient healthcare delivery systems in the planet including medical and healthcare professionals who are the best in their jobs. Visiting the country won’t require any mandatory travel vaccinations as the country is considered safe for all types of travelers. Even individuals who have very sensitive gastrointestinal systems can drink water straight from the faucet of water fixtures and they won’t be complaining of any gastrointestinal complaints. This is how safe Luxembourg is.

But even if the country is known for its very clean environment and superb healthcare programs, it simply is more advantageous if you also have the E111’s replacement, the EHIC. This card is given to nationals of countries that are members of the European Economic Area. Generally, these include countries that belong to the European Free Trade Association and the larger European Union. The EHIC allows nationals or citizens of these countries to travel to any member state and enjoy a holiday in any of these countries. Should a medical emergency or health concern develop during the course of these travels, individuals with the European Health Insurance Card can avail of the healthcare services provide by these countries to all of their citizens. In other words, visitors or tourists become temporary residents of the country in so far as their healthcare needs are concerned.

And the public health care system of Luxembourg is one of the world’s best. It has numerous hospitals as well as other important health care institutions. The ratio of doctors to citizens is 1:340 which is significantly higher than other countries in the world, even the famed healthcare delivery system of the UK. The standards of healthcare services are sufficiently high and as such it is not really surprising to know that many of these treatments can come at a stiff price. However, if you are able to present your EHIC even before you receive treatment, you will be able to receive this costly treatments and procedures at a reduced price. It is essential that you keep all of your receipts as well as certifications and other pertinent documents related to your care as you can use these to claim reimbursements later on.

You can also avail of medical treatments in hospitals. Some hospital-based treatments are free while others are available at a cost. EHIC will cover the cost of your treatment regimen, or a part of it, but you will generally have to pay for the daily hospitalization charges for the entire duration of your stay.

One thing you should know is that only a handful of native Luxembourg citizens can speak English. The great majority of the population speak either German or French or even both, aside from their native language, of course. So it is usually a good idea to brush up on your German or French language skills. If not, you can always carry a phrasebook with you to help facilitate better communication of the different symptoms that accompany your illness.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, this is covered by EHIC. Also covered are routine treatments provided to pregnant women designed to help ensure the viability of the fetus. As long as the reason for your entry to Luxembourg is not to seek treatment but to enjoy its many historic attractions, any illness or injury you sustain while on a Luxembourgian holiday will be covered by EHIC.

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