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Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Italy

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Close to 50 million people make sure to include Italy in their annual holiday travel plans. It’s got a beautiful coastline shaped by the gentle pounding of the Mediterranean, forming world-class beaches that have become the go-to vacation spot for many of the world’s most famous celebrities and public figures and a bucket list for everyone else. While you may think of Italy as a failsafe tourist heaven, even the well-prepared can be faced with a circumstance that he is clearly not prepared for. You might want to increase your chances of completing your Italian holiday merrymaking on a higher note than what you would normally expect. You can apply for the European Heath Insurance Card, which replaced the now defunct E111, now before heading to the warm and friendly landscape of Italy.

You may think that going to the beach is a very safe activity for you and your whole family. However, accidents do happen. You can have near-drowning incidents, heat stroke, and even injuries you may sustain for jumping off a beachside cliff. Or you can get stung by jellyfish or step on a toxic seashell. Going on an Alpine skiing adventure can also have its fair share of mishaps. For example, you may suffer a massive wipeout leading to broken bones. And if worse comes to worst, and avalanche might ensue endangering your life. How about reveling in the famous night life of Rome and Milan as well as other major urban centers where nightlife is pretty much a very important aspect of everyday living? There will always be an element of danger lurking just around the dark corner of a city street.

This is not to say that you should stay home instead of going out and having some R-and-R for yourself and your family. What is being pointed out is the fact that even a so-called failsafe tourist destination like Italy, something is bound to go wrong which can significantly threaten your health and wellness. And this is where the European Health Insurance Card can be of tremendous help.

The EHIC, like its predecessor the E111, is provided by the governments of the countries that make up the European Union and the European Free Trade Association to their respective nationals or citizens. This allows the nationals of these countries to gain access to the state-provided or state-funded healthcare system of the other member countries when they visit the latter for holiday. For example, if you are a UK national and you would like to travel to Italy for a long-awaited Naples holiday but you got sick while on holiday, then you are entitled to receive the kind of care that all Italians are guaranteed to receive from their government. Since you are in Italy, you will receive the kind of care that the Italian government provides its people.

This also brings up one very important thing about EHIC. If the purpose of your visit or travel is to seek treatment for a particular disease or even to give birth to your still-unborn baby, then EHIC cannot cover you. However, pregnant women can still receive routine maternity care especially if it has something to do with the viability of the fetus inside the woman’s womb. This simply means that if the woman prematurely gives birth, then she is entitled to receive healthcare management from public healthcare institutions or providers for such cases. If you seek treatments from private medical practitioners and healthcare providers and not from those that are officially recognized and covered by the Italian national insurance system for health, then EHIC will not be able to cover any expense that you incur. This should be very clear.

There are some other things that EHIC won’t cover such as the cost of your repatriation in the event that you have fallen seriously ill and you need to return to your home country. In some EEA countries, mountain rescue services are also not covered by EHIC. It is therefore recommended that EHIC should be topped with a private health or travel insurance.

Making sure you’re healthy throughout the duration of your Italian holiday is paramount to enjoying your temporary stay. Get your EHIC now so you’ll have greater peace of mind when traveling across EEA countries.

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