Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Ireland

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Citizens or nationals of the UK have the right to obtain and benefit from the many features of the European Health Insurance Card. Functioning like any other insurance card, the EHIC, which essentialy replaced the E111, guarantees accessibility of state-provided healthcare services in case of an illness or even an injury while traveling or having a holiday in Ireland, Switzerland, and the rest of the countries that are members of the European Economic Area.

British nationals who are already retirees or pensioners and who live elsewhere in Europe, as long as the country is a member of EEA, are still entitled to obtain an EHIC that is issued by the UK government. This is especially true if you are receiving a state pension from the UK or any other benefit that the UK government pays you for moving abroad. You can logon to the web portal of the NHS to find out more about how to claim your UK-provided EHIC if you are already a pensioner or a retiree.

To apply for your EHIC, you can do this at the NHS’ website or you can send a mail by post or call them by phone. When you apply you will provide your complete name and address as well as your birthdate and your NHS number. The NHS number is primarily indicated for British nationals residing in England and Wales. Scotts should provide their CHI number. Residents of Northern Island will instead provide their Health and care number to avail of their respective EHIC.

The good thing about UK nationals traveling to Ireland is that they don’t have to present their EHIC to gain access to the state-provided healthcare services of Ireland. It is often sufficient to provide proof that you are a British national by showing any form of identification where your national insurance number is shown. This can include your passport or your driver’s license. However, for nationals from Switzerland and other member nations of the European Economic Area, they will have to present their respective EHICs to avail of the healthcare services provided by Ireland’s public health system.

For individuals requiring Irish medical attention, it is important to seek healthcare providers or institutions that are covered by Ireland’s public health insurance system. If you want EHIC to cover your medical treatments, then you need to steer clear of the private medical and healthcare sector.

If you require emergency medical assistance as well as the police, the coast guard, and the fire services, you only need to dial either 112 or 999. These numbers are dedicated to taking calls for emergency assistance so that the appropriate service can be dispatched including an ambulance service. Calling these numbers is absolutely free.

One of the most common questions people ask about EHIC is whether it is a replacement for travel insurance. Some people with private insurance also fail to see the need for an EHIC. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you also have an EHIC on top of your private insurance.

  • You will not be paying for healthcare and medical services that are free in the Irish healthcare system.
  • In the event that the service is not free, you will only be paying a substantially reduced price of the treatment which you can later reimburse.
  • Showing your EHIC card minimizes bureaucratic red tape and inefficiencies in the processing and overall management of your healthcare expenditures while on a holiday.
  • You can get as much as £100 from your health insurer when you use your EHIC. Some private insurers typically don’t like to cover healthcare costs for treatments or health services that are otherwise free if only EHIC was used.
  • EHIC provides ample coverage even for chronic and preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma which would otherwise be refused by private insurers.

It should be made clear that the goal of EHIC, just like the E111, is to make sure that the nationals of EEA countries and Switzerland receive the best quality healthcare services in the country that they are visiting for a holiday. If your intention in visiting a country is to seek treatment, then EHIC will not cover you. This is also true for pregnant women who visit a country just for the sole reason of wanting to give birth in that country. This is also not covered by EHIC.

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