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Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Iceland

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One of the most common misconceptions of people about Iceland is that it is essentially blanketed in ice. While it is true that this 40,000-square mile island nation is barren and pretty much inhospitable, it is actually made up of geologic formations that are nothing like the blanket of ice that many people think of every time someone talks about Iceland.

Visiting the country of roughly 330,000 people may not be every one’s idea of a good holiday vacation. It may not boast of stunning beaches or magnificent castles but the inherent charm of Iceland is in its untouched, virgin beauty. However, the reason why more than 1.2 million tourists visit Iceland every year is for them to appreciate the beauty of nature that has been left untouched by the wheels of progress and the exploitative nature of human commercial and industrial activities.

If you also want to experience the true beauty of Mother Earth then you simply need to head to Iceland. And if you do go there, it is best to secure your own European Health Insurance Card – the ultra-high tech replacement of the now-extinct E111 – including for every member of your family, now. This little card guarantees you access to the healthcare services that are provided to native Icelanders by the nation’s health insurance platform. As long as you are a British national, a Swiss national, or even a citizen of the countries that are signatories to the accord on the European Economic Area, then you can apply for the EHIC and enjoy the same health benefits that the citizens of these nations enjoy whenever you do visit them for a holiday.

Now, Iceland may not be a part of the European Union, being a member instead of the European Free Trade Association, but it is a member of the EEA. This simply means that it recognizes and values the EHIC, formerly the E111 form, of the citizens of other member nations.

Healthcare in Iceland is generally tax-funded and as such the health services and medical treatments are general in nature. The island nation only has two hospitals. If you think this is absurd or even ridiculous, looking at both its geography and population will help you realize that they really don’t need too many large hospitals simply because Iceland has other healthcare facilities and providers that can handle many of the simpler health needs of its citizens as well as tourists like you. The two hospitals are nonetheless manned by highly competent medical and healthcare professionals, are fully equipped with state of the art medical technology, and have one of the most efficient healthcare delivery systems in the world. This gives you the assurance that, should you require hospitalization because of a medical emergency while you are on an Icelandic holiday, the care and treatment you’ll receive will be top-notch. The cost of treatment and hospitalization may not be entirely free but these will be provided to you at a reduced price because it’s covered by the EHIC.

If you don’t require hospitalization but nonetheless require intermediate medical assistance, you can seek such services from a dozen or so Icelandic health institutions. You can consider these facilities as essentially smaller versions of a general hospital. These are also well-manned, well-equipped, and well-managed. There are also clinics in Iceland that most nationals go to for simple health and medical needs. These are described as community-based centers and cater mostly to the health needs of everyone in a particular community. Seeking assistance in Iceland for a medical emergency is easy; you just have to dial 112. The English-speaking representative can dispatch an ambulance right away. Just to be sure, however, it is always a good idea to carry a phrasebook or even a translator so you can better communicate your symptoms to the Icelandic health provider.

With the distinction of having Europe’s highest life expectancy, Iceland’s healthcare programs can be considered one of the best if only for the simple fact that Icelanders are living much longer than other peoples of Europe. While EHIC won’t guarantee you will also have long life, it can nevertheless assure you that your holiday visit to Iceland will be filled with beautiful memories instead of anxieties related to emergency medical needs.

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