Applying For The European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe to visit for its rich cultural heritage and many other interesting sights. Regrettably, when travelling in a foreign land, you will also be exposed to some risks that may require medical attention. The good news is that if you are a national of any of the member nations of the European Economic Area or are a Swiss national, then you simply don’t have to worry anymore about emergency medical services in Bulgaria as you will already be covered by the European Health Insurance Card.

It is for this reason that even before you make your plans of traveling to Bulgaria for a holiday, it is advisable to apply for your EHIC Renewal as well as the members of your family. This gives you the assurance that you will receive the same kind of medical treatment that all Bulgarian nationals and citizens are entitled in their country either free or at a significantly reduced cost. Of course, you may also choose to apply for a separate private insurance so you can gain access to even private healthcare providers in Bulgaria as the EHIC only covers state-provided services. So, for ample coverage, it is highly recommended to apply for both the EHIC and a personal health insurance and to take your EHIC card whenever you go on a holiday in any European country that is a member of the EU, the EEA, or even the EFTA or the European Free Trade Association which includes Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Just what are you entitled to if you get the European Health Insurance Card anyway?

If you are travelling to Bulgaria or any other EEA or EFTA member country, you are entitled to the same healthcare benefits that the nationals or citizens of these member countries currently enjoy. This means only those services that are provided by the state will be provided to you at a discounted rate. In some cases, the healthcare services may be free of charge. In some instances, you may have to shoulder some of the cost of the medical treatment that you received including any diagnostics or even medications that were prescribed by a government physician. You can then have these expenses reimbursed right at the very country you visited or when you return to your home country.

This simply removes the anxiety of having to worry about your health while you’re in a foreign land. This way you get to enjoy your holiday a lot better. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that any untoward incident will be appropriately managed by the state’s universal healthcare system. This helps ensure that you’ll be able to continue enjoying your holiday vacation with only some minor interruptions.

If you visit Bulgaria and you got sick or ill while on your temporary stay, you will be entitled to the country’s basic healthcare services which can also include routine treatments and emergency care. Understand that if your purpose for visiting Bulgaria is to specifically seek medical care, then EHIC won’t be able to provide you with coverage. In this particular situation, you will need your private health insurance and not EHIC. However, if you have a chronic illness that may require routine medical checkups and treatments, then you can feel safe that Bulgarian state hospitals, clinics, and physicians will take care of you.

If you will be going to Bulgaria to work or for significantly longer periods of time other than for a holiday vacation, then you may need to determine the status of your visa. This is also applicable to individuals who may want to move to Bulgaria on a more permanent basis. So, you’ll have to check if your EHIC application should be made in your home country or in Bulgaria.

Overseas travels can be full of adventure. However, it can also be full of challenges and many unexpected events. For some people this is what makes it an adventure. But for most, it is very anxiety-laden endeavor that they wish they could just do without. Nevertheless, traveling overseas can be a great way to reestablish family ties and strengthen the bonds of friendship. If you are going to visit Bulgaria or any other country of the EEA including Switzerland, then you have to make sure that you have already applied for your European Health Insurance Card. This is your ticket to keeping yourself and the rest of your family healthy and well while sightseeing the many wonders of Bulgaria.