Applying for the European
Health Insuance Card (EHIC) in Denmark

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There are only two very important documents if ever you go on a holiday to Denmark, Switzerland, or the countries that are members of the European Economic Area – your passport and your European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC is a small yet very useful card that can save your life without severely affecting your holiday adventures. It allows you to receive healthcare in the same manner and quality that the rest of the nationals or citizens of the country you are visiting are receiving from their respective governments. So if you visit Denmark for a holiday and you got sick, you don’t have to cut short your vacation and immediate go back home to get treatment. You can get medical treatment right in Denmark itself, rest for a few days, and you can continue your holiday merrymaking.

Denmark is mostly known as part of the greater Scandinavia where the mighty Vikings once ruled the land and waters of this part of Europe. As such, the country is home to many famous landmarks that bespeaks of the rich Danish Viking heritage. It is for the sea-faring exploits of its ancestors that many Danish companies today have become synonymous with the design and development of truly world-class, most energy efficient, and revolutionary container ships.

Perhaps what really is amazing in Denmark is its healthcare infrastructure, recognized as one of the world’s best. It has a remarkable doctor to people ratio of 1:294, meaning, for every 294 Danes, there is a Danish physician that can look after them. This is a ratio that surpasses even that of the United Kingdom. Additionally, consultations made with members of the public health sector – both doctors and dentists – are absolutely free of charge. Emergency medical services are also free for all Danish citizens. To avail of their emergency services, you simply dial 112.

Accessing healthcare benefits in Denmark can be extended to anyone who possesses the EHIC, whether you are from the UK, Switzerland, or any other country of the EEA. This simply means that whenever you seek healthcare treatments or services in Denmark’s public healthcare institutions as well as practitioners, all you have to do is to present your EHIC and you can avail of these services free. If you have to pay any fees to the doctor, these can also be reimbursed. If you had an emergency tooth extraction or even any other dental procedure in Denmark, you will get partial reimbursement.

Unlike other countries, there is a significantly greater number of government or public hospitals than private healthcare institutions in Denmark. This is because of their excellent taxation system where healthcare receives a sizeable portion of the nation’s budget. Danish general practitioners serve as the primary health care providers of Danish nationals. So if you need medical checkups, you can just make an appointment with any of these GPs and they can either treat your condition or refer you to one of Denmark’s highly acclaimed hospitals.

Transportation and communication is also excellent in Denmark. You can travel to almost any point in the country using only the nation’s highly efficient public transportation systems and infrastructure. Forty-three out of 50 Danes speak English so it should be no problem communicating your needs and concerns to a great majority of the people. This helps a lot especially if EHIC-holders don’t know the native language. This also helps facilitate the more efficient delivery of care. But, it won’t hurt to carry with you an English-Danish phrasebook so you can communicate better your medical condition.

To put it in very simple words, the healthcare system of Denmark is simply incomparable. They always use state-of-the-art technologies and always refer to updated principles of treatment. They go for evidence-based medicine to assure you have the best, most reliable, and highest quality healthcare you can ever obtain.

If ever you go to Denmark, make sure to bring your EHIC with you so you can also avail of these truly amazing healthcare services. If you forget your EHIC, you can still experience these same services but you will have to pay for it just as any other foreigner who doesn’t have the legal right to enjoy the benefits of Danish nationals. You can also use your private healthcare insurance but this will usually mean you have to pay upfront, obtain adequate documentation of your treatment, and then seeking reimbursement from your insurer once you get back home.

Denmark has many things to offer to tourists. And if you’re planning to visit Denmark, then you need to also have your EHIC.