Accessing Healthcare in the Czech Republic

If you have been dreaming of walking the historic medieval old town in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague or even taking on a historic boat trips surrounding the 13th century castle overlooking the Vltava River in Cesky Krumlov, you’ll have to dream as well about their renowned healthcare services. This is because ever since the Czech Republic joined the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development of OECD back in 1995, the Czech Republic has developed into a remarkable powerhouse among the Eastern and Central European nations. Its healthcare system is based on the equitable contribution of every Czech national. Everyone contributes a small fee to add to the national insurance fund to cover for healthcare services that are classified according to one’s employment.

Traveling to the Czech Republic means you will be immersing yourself in a lot of exploration of the country’s many historical and cultural attractions. And for that you need to have the peace of mind that, should you fall ill or maybe even injure yourself, you will receive the kind of quality treatment that other Czechs are entitled to receive from their government. One way you can have this is by bringing with you your European Health Insurance Card, the replacement of the pre-2004 E111.

The European Health Insurance Card is easy to apply for especially if you do it online. MyEHIC provides such online services to help you and the rest of your family obtain your respective EHI Cards. You can also renew your EHIC with MyEHIC several months before its 5-year validity period expires. And if you need to change anything on your EHIC, MyEHIC can help you, too.

When traveling in a foreign country like the Czech Republic and you meet an accident or even become sick, EHIC is your ticket to the famed public health care system of this country. Know that the EHIC is not only available in the Czech Republic. It is also applicable in the 4 countries of the European Free Trade Association and the other 27 countries of the European Union. This allows you to receive the same treatment as any other Czech national for diseases or injuries that occurred or developed during your stay. If you were previously diagnosed with a disease and you require routine care, EHIC can provide coverage as well. Pregnant women who may require routine care as well as emergency childbirth services will also be covered by the EHI. As long as your purpose for traveling is not to specifically seek treatment or perhaps even give birth, then EHIC has you covered.

It is a must that you seek treatment only from a healthcare institution or provider that is duly recognized and is under contract with the state health insurance system of the Czech Republic. It is thus, imperative that you clarify any healthcare arrangements that have been made in your behalf by a travel agency or even your hotel as you may be directed to a private practitioner, in which case EHIC won’t be able to cover you. Additionally, it is also a must that you supplement your EHIC with a travel insurance or even a private health policy as there are instances when you cannot use EHIC. For example, repatriation, flight delays and cancellations, and even lost belongings are not covered by EHIC, the successor of E111. Private treatments and healthcare services will also have to be covered by a personal health insurance, not EHIC.

When you consult with a Czech physician, you will be asked to pay a patient contribution fee amounting to 30 Czech Koruna or CZK which is equivalent to around 1.11 Euro. The same amount is also required for prescription medications and laboratory tests. The 30 CZK already covers all the medications and other procedures that you will require for your treatment.

You will also pay 30 CZK for a dental examination as well as for outpatient treatments. For emergency medical services, you will be asked to pay 90 CZK which is about 3.33 Euros. If your condition is non-emergent and you require hospitalization, you will need to secure a referral from a Czech doctor. If you require ambulance services you can simply call 112 and an ambulance will be dispatched to pick you up at no additional cost. The same is true if you need emergency airlift services. However, this is subject to the determination of the urgency of treatment required.

Your EHIC can help you save tons of money if you visit the Czech Republic and you fall ill or even get injured. You will only contribute a small amount and you already gain access to the Czech health care system.