Accessing Healthcare in Ireland

If you are a resident or a national of the countries that comprise the European Union or even the European Free Trade Association, you are in for the time of your life if you intend to visit the Republic of Ireland and explore its many attractions like the Dublin Castle, the medieval church of St. Nicholas in Galway, the Blarney’s Castle in Cork, and Ross Castle in Killarney as well as other fascinating sites. Now, if you do intend to spend a few weeks of holiday traveling in Ireland, whatever you do, don’t ever forget your European Health Insurance Card. In case you’re not familiar with EHIC yet familiar with the E111 Form more than a decade ago, then EHIC is the E111’s replacement. So, if you can still remember what the E111 provided you before, then you are essentially guaranteed the same thing with the EHIC, only a lot better.

It is important to understand that the healthcare services provided in each of these countries may be slightly different from what you have in your own country. Some treatments may require some form of payment while others may be provided to you at no extra charge. There are also countries that provide free ambulance services while others will require you to pay a non-refundable participation fee. That is why it is essential that you learn first how you can access the healthcare services of Ireland before finalizing your travel plans.

EHIC only provides coverage for services or treatments that are obtained from recognized state health institutions, organizations, or providers. As such, if you seek treatment from the private sector, you may be forced to pay dearly for it as private medical treatments are quite expensive. It is crucial that you seek treatment only from public institutions.

If you or your family requires emergency medical assistance, you need to call the toll-free numbers 112 or 999. These numbers already cover the emergency numbers of the Irish law enforcement agencies, the fire department, the coast guard, and the ambulance services and emergency medical technicians.

To avail of free medical consultations using your EHIC, it is essential that you look for doctors who are duly certified and recognized by the Irish Primary Care Reimbursement Services or PCRS. There are over 2,000 doctors in Ireland that are duly recognized by the government’s PCRS, a great majority of which are general practitioners. It should not be difficult, therefore, to look for a physician that can provide you free medical treatments. If you are not sure which doctor is accredited by the PCRS, you can consult from the local health office. Additionally, you can log onto the Irish government portal so you can find out the nearest PCRS-accredited doctor in your location.

If you suddenly find yourself in excruciating pain because of severe toothache, you can avail of emergency dental treatments from any of the practicing dentists that are under or are serving with the local health office. You can also find out more about the different emergency dental treatments provided at the local health office.

If you need to be hospitalized for non-emergent medical reasons, you have to secure first a referral letter from a general practitioner or even a medical specialist who is also accredited by the Irish PCRS system. For medical emergencies that require hospitalization, you no longer need a referral. You simply go straightaway to the emergency room of any Irish state or public hospital. Emergency treatments provided in public hospital settings are free of charge as long as you present your European Health Insurance Card.

This card is so useful that it also covers preexisting health conditions. As long as your insurer can safely coordinate with the Irish medical authorities regarding any specific required treatments that you will obtain while visiting Ireland, then you are entitled to free treatments such as oxygen therapy and dialysis. It also includes routine treatments for pregnant women as long as they don’t go to Ireland for the sole purpose of delivering a child. This rule also applies for other medical conditions especially those that are deemed to be non-urgent.

Because the EHIC is such a very useful tool when traveling to any of the countries of the EFTA and the EU, it is advisable that you secure your EHIC even before you make travel arrangements to Ireland. To help you obtain your EHIC, you can do it via online method. MyEHIC can help you get your card in the fastest and most convenient manner so you’ll stay focused on planning your Irish holiday.

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