Accessing Healthcare in Denmark

If you’re planning to visit the Tivoli amusement park and the iconic The Little Mermaid statue in the heart of Denmark’s Copenhagen or even bring your children to the home of the world’s foremost building toy, Lego, in Jutland, then you must include applying for the European Health Insurance Card, the successor to the now-defunct E111, if you still don’t have one. And since you’ll be bringing your kids with you, you have better apply for their EHIC as well. The EHIC is your guarantee to the distinguished public medical treatments and health care services of Denmark while embarking on a journey of discovery in this scenic country.

Getting an EHIC is easy. You simply logon to MyEHIC as they provide the fastest and the most convenient way for applying EHIC as well as the EHIC of your kids and your spouse. It only requires a few clicks of your mouse button, a few strokes of your keyboard, and you can already be on your way to receiving your EHICs as a family within 5 days. It’s that easy.

Now, why would you want an EHIC? In the same way that you needed E111 before if you’re going to travel to Denmark or any other European country that is a signatory to the European Health Insurance system. It guarantees access to the public health care system of the countries of the European Economic Area as well as Switzerland. It entitles you and your family to free treatments and medications. If these are not free, then you will have to pay a very minimal amount which is similar to what the residents of these countries pay when they get sick and avail of such services.

Traveling is such a joy especially to kids. But it does have its own risks. You or anyone in your family can get sick anytime or even get injured in an accident. The EHIC allows you to obtain necessary medical treatment while still in Denmark so you can continue enjoying your stay. At the same time, you can save yourself from the financial burden of the exorbitant medical bills that may be charged on you if you don’t have EHIC. If you have been diagnosed with a longstanding disease like diabetes or asthma and you require routine medical care, you can also use your EHIC to avail of such treatments. Pregnant women who may need routine maternity care to ensure the condition of their babies while on a visit may also use their EHIC.

Understand that if your purpose for traveling to Denmark or any of the 31 other countries that accept EHIC is only to seek health care attention or medical treatment or even to seek maternal labor and delivery services, EHIC won’t cover you. Additionally, if you seek treatment from a private health care practitioner or any healthcare provider not funded or not contracted by the Danish state insurance fund, EHIC won’t protect you either. You may still avail of such services; however, a private health insurance policy will be more appropriate.

If you need emergency medical care, dial 112 and you can tell the operator nodsituation so they’ll know you are in an emergent need of care. Danish emergency medical treatments are freely provided but only in recognized public hospitals.

If you require consultation with a Danish physician, you need to schedule an appointment first. You need to present your EHIC so you’ll be entitled to a reduced cost of the consultation or treatment if not free. If you require hospitalization, your Danish physician can refer you to a public hospital. There are local interpreters in these hospitals so communicating your healthcare needs will not be a problem. The use of interpreters is free of charge.

The same policy exists for visiting dentists. You’ll have to set up an appointment with them first. Your kids, however, will receive dental treatments and care absolutely free. As for you, you will need to pay a fee as your patient contribution.

If you need to see a doctor after 4 in the afternoon on a weekday, you can call for an emergency doctor service which they call vagtlæge. This service is also available the whole day on weekends.

If you need medicines, you will have to pay for them. Chemists generally hold office during the weekdays and half-day on Saturdays, although it’s not unusual that some will remain open until the afternoon. There are also pharmacies that are open 24/7. These are called dognabne apoteker. You can also obtain your prescription medications from these local pharmacies.

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