Applying for a European
Health Insurance Card - made easy.

We make it easy for you to apply for an EHIC, double checking your information,
ordering and delivering your card safely and efficiently into your hands.

About myEHIC

MyEHIC is a third-party solutions provider that bridges the gap between the legitimate holders of a European Health Insurance Card and the issuers of such indispensable health travel tool. It provides advice, assistance, and support to individuals who are in need of a speedy, reliable, efficient, and trustworthy service to help in their EHIC application or renewal.

Generally, the process of applying for a European Health Insurance Card involves getting in touch with the national organization that handles the state health insurance program of your country. However, it is not very uncommon that the services provided by these organizations are not as efficient as you would like. While the processing of your EHIC should not take more than 5 business days, in most instances this can be significantly extended. This is especially problematic in the peak season as almost everyone will be flocking to these offices to secure or renew their EHIC before their overseas travels. Such inconveniences and inconsistencies can often have negative implications on individuals applying for the EHIC. This is why MyEHIC was established to help provide a more efficient, faster, and more reliable way of applying for one’s EHIC and renewing it in a timely basis as well.

We have a team of dedicated and highly committed application advisers who are well-versed with everything there is to know about the European Health Insurance Card. This is in addition to our many years of experience handling such applications and securing high marks for successful applications. We boast of our understanding of the intricate process of getting approved the first time. We then apply this understanding in the assistance and support that we provide to our clients so that they, too, will have a higher chance of getting their EHIC applications approved the first time in as many tries.

MyEHIC provides a variety of other services not only giving advice and support for EHIC applications. We also meticulously evaluate all the information that our clients provide us so we can provide the relevant pieces of advice that will help them increase their chances of getting approved. Once this has been fully verified, we submit all of the information to the respective national agencies. Our team of EHIC monitors will judiciously make a follow-up of each application so we can notify our clients about the progress of their EHIC application.

We also provide timely notification of near-expiration and renewal events. This is a feature that MyEHIC is truly proud of. We make sure that our clients are notified of the impending expiry of their cards. We can then assist them in processing their EHIC Cards. If there are amendments to their EHIC information, we can also advise them on what to do.

MyEHIC is your partner when it comes to applying for, renewing, and amending you European Health Insurance Card. We have always believed that we can do more to help you improve your chances of getting EHIC approval. Most of all, we are ready to assume all the hard work inherent in EHIC application so you can enjoy life to the fullest.